Your bookcase is full?

metabook is a second hand book marketplace. Join our community to sell the books you don’t need to other readers, or buy books from other readers.

How it works

List the books you don't need for sale

Place an ad about a book you want to sell and it will immediately appear on metabook. All books are categorised so they are easy to find. When someone wants to buy your book from you, you will receive an order with the details. From within the order’s page there is an open dialog where you can exchange messages with the buyer. Once the details about payment and delivery are finalized you can receive the payment and proceed in delivering the order. It's that easy.

Sell Book

Do you own books you don’t need anymore? Are you interested in becoming a seller? In metabook you can sell them to those who do. That way you give them a second chance to be reused and loved again! There is always someone who wants them. As a seller you create a profile on metabok along with your terms, your payment methods and delivery options. metabook is a full fledged cms and you have total control on you ads, orders and the way you want to trade.

Buy books

It is easy, look for the book you want, and order it. For any book you can see all the seller's info such as his rating, his country, the way he delivers the books and his payment methods. You can also see information about a book's condition and even photos that proves that condition.


metabook charges only the seller when a book is sold for a 10% (plus VAT for European citizens). All ads are free of charge (no hidden fees) and do not expire.

Here is a comparison between metabook and the most popular industry sites

  • No expiring ads
  • Free ad posting
  • Hand to hand sales
  • Ad duration 30 days
  • Insertion fee
  • No hand to hand sales
  • No expiring ads
  • Free ad posting
  • No hand to hand sales
15% + 0.99

Want more?

Organize your books

metabook is not only a marketplace. It has features to help you organize your library. We constantly add many new cool stuff that will make you happy.

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